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In 1944, a farmer named Victor Anaya came to the Central Valley of California from Mexico to establish his roots in a land known for its clay-colored soil and rolling hills. Clements Hills, as this area just outside of Lodi is called, was where the Anaya family first purchased their land. They planted Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon at first, and spent the warm days of the Valley tending to their vines and caring for the delicate fruit. For several decades in these earlier years, as the Anaya family sold their grapes to larger, premium wineries in Lodi – acting as an integral partner to these businesses.

It was around this time that Victor’s grandson, Gerardo Espinosa, began to immerse himself in enology and the winemaking business of his family. Having spent his summers as a child learning about the vines, the land, and the grape processes, Gerardo was no stranger to the art of winemaking. Although he pursued a career in architecture design, he was later drawn back to his family’s vineyards by his desire to create a wine that they could truly call their own.

Having dedicated their lives to the craft of winemaking, Gerardo continued to honor his family by committing to produce the first wine from Anaya Vineyards. In 2002, that dream became a reality when the first estate-grown wine, Petite Sirah, was yielded in traditional small batches at his home in Lodi. After five more years of persistently testing, adjusting, and finessing his process, Gerardo released the first commercial vintage under the name “Vinedos Aurora.” This beautiful name came from his grandmother, and the title means “Vineyard that receives the first light of day,” a perfect name for the budding winery that would see many more batches of exquisitely produced wine from the family’s land.

Today, Gerardo maintains Anaya Vineyards by involving himself in all aspects of the business. He still visits the vines every day and checks in with family about the progress of the grapes. He also spends time checking and testing the quality of the aging wine back at the winery facility. Gerardo combines contemporary science and tradition in every batch, making sure that both taste and balance are preserved for varieties ranging from the deepest of full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignons, to the lightest of the airy Pinot Grigios.

The Anaya Vineyards brand has consistently embodied a premium wine experience throughout its history, blending elegant tasting and sipping occasions with moments among beloved family and friends. Taking a moment to savor the decades of craft that were poured into the Anaya family tradition is a memorable and distinguished quest. With classic but refined labeling inspired by minimalistic architecture, the interior and exterior encounters of the Anaya branded wines are both worthy of admiration. Salud!

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